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“My career in digital media and print has allowed me to take advantage of tools like Photoshop to discover new takes on my subject matter by using mediums created centuries apart.

In the past, my works have included etchings, mono prints, silk screens and more recently linocuts either in a single colour or using the colour reduction process. The inspiration for my images are sketched or captured on a phone camera. These include suburban and sea landscapes, plants and the frenetic lives of native birds. 

Each work is reimagined in photoshop and this gives me the chance to explore the design and concept by focussing on a moment in time that has meaning to me.  After the process of drawing the image onto the lino is complete, the carving brings the organic side of the artwork into play. 

The work will change as I carve, taking on different shapes and textures.
This transformation, to me is the magic of printmaking.”

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